About this festival


The key features of the Buñuel-Calanda International Festival are included in its name. Firstly, it takes its name from the most outstanding Spanish film director of all time. The activities developed in this cultural event revolve around – and are inspired by – Luis Buñuel. In addition, this festival aims at being international, that is, promoting interest inside and outside our borders due to the high quality of the productions selected and to the cultural activities in the programme, thus putting Calanda on the map of major cultural events.

The programme will focus on Buñuel’s work through various sections. In the section BUÑUEL EN EL TIEMPO (BUÑUEL THROUGH TIME) we will get to better know his artistic approaches and we will attempt to bring out connections to the people of his home town and its surroundings. The section BUÑUEL Y OTRAS MIRADAS  (BUÑUEL AND OTHER VIEWPOINTS) will enable us to see the influence of this Aragonese genius in later productions, and we will see in the works and ways of seeing of other authors, a point of view that was indirectly influenced by Buñuel’s creations or which had an even more direct relation with his films.

VANGUARDIA or AVANT-GARDE is the leitmotiv chosen to define the productions that will compete in the official section. They can be either feature films or short flms, all with an avant-garde theme, that is, the productions must escape  the usual conventions of content and formal treatment.

The Buñuel-Calanda International Festival will also pay attention to the emerging capacity of the Aragon film industry for full-length productions. In the section LARGOMETRAJES ARAGÓN (ARAGON FEATURE FILMS), we will watch the most recent films from Aragonese creators.